Tuesday, April 08, 2003

NP: Robbie Williams - Escapology - This is just fantastic! Imagine a mix of the classic 70s Elton John crossed with Queen, and then performing on Broadway. I've become addicted to this disc since the first moments I heard it last week. Lyrically superior to just about anything I've heard in years, this is about as intelligent as pop music can get. Songs like "Feel", "Monsoon", "Sexed Up" (maybe the best F'off song I ever heard) and "Something Beautiful" are all screaming out to be hits. Even if you hate him (or his attitude), you owe it to yourself to at least give it a fair shake. You might be pleasantly surprised. Move this one right to the top of the heap for 2003.

David Lee Roth will release a new solo album in July titled "Diamond Dave". If will include covers of songs from Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, the Beatles, Steve Miller, Hombres and Savoy Brown.

Singer John Coarbi has quit the Brides Of Destruction.

The new album from Sugar Ray is now to be titled "In The Pursuit Of Pleasure". It includes a cover of the Joe Jackson hit "Is She Really Going Out With Him?". The first single will be "Hey Bartender".

3rd Degree are to release a new EP titled "Very Short Album". It will be available this coming Saturday at their gig at Arlene's Grocery in New York City.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Yeah, I know I haven't updated in a few days. Busy busy busy...

Can you imagine it snowed today here in NJ? WTF is that all about? Hello, Mother Nature...it's April!

Back tomorrow with some comments on tunage, both new and old.

Friday, April 04, 2003

80s hard rockers Black N' Blue will release a new album later this year.

Meat Loaf is saying his next tour will be his last.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Tony Martin (one time Black Sabbath singer), has formed a new band called M3 with ex-Whitesnake members Bernie Marsden, Mickey Moody and Neil Murray.

The new Joe Lynn Turner album is titled "JLT" and will drop on MTM in June.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Steve Winwood will release a new album in June titled "About Time". It will be released on his own label, Wincraft.

Finally, the long awaited rare/unreleased CD from Candy will be out this summer and titled "From the Teenage Neon Jungle...Candy". Looks like there will be about 20 tracks on offer. Candy of course featured Kyle Vincent and Gilby Clarke as well as members of The Loveless/Electric Angels.

Rick Springfield has announced that his new CD carries the title "shock/denial/anger/acceptance". It's due later this year.

NP: Jason Mraz - Waiting For My Rocket To Come - Imagine Kyle Vincent hooking up with Nelly Furtado on acoustic jam night. That's about as close as a comparison as I can make. Though I keep reading about similarities to John Mayer and Dave Matthews, frankly I don't hear it. This is modern radio pop that feels like it was influenced greatly by 70s AM Gold. Though its peaks far outweigh its valleys, a few more upbeat tunes like "The Remedy" and "On Love, In Sadness" wouldn't have hurt. With some of the best vocals I've heard in quite a while, no other feeling other than: this guy is on to something BIG.

Too funny: The Offspring are planning to call their new album "Chinese Democracy", which of course is the title long since announced for the next Guns N' Roses album.

You can have Asia play in your living room if you have $3000 to kick around. Email america@blastwaves.com your name, address and phone number, what dates in June/July are NOT good for you and what sort of event you have in mind.

David Lee Roth is set to go back on the road for a solo tour of America starting in May.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Pretty slow day today as far as music is concerned. I got involved in something at work that has kept me busy throughout most of the day.

Ra will release "Rectified" as the next single from their debut album. The band has an acoustic version of "Do You Call My Name" available at their website.

Check out Spinner Radio. The channels dedicated to Hair Metal, the 80s and my favorite, the 70s, are all excellent. It requires you to install their software, but I haven't had any problems with it yet.

Monday, March 31, 2003

NP: Xoch - The One - Ya know, I liked the Avril disc but there's something very fake about her. And Pink is on the right track (at least with her more rocking side). But, leave it to the indie world to change everything. The debut from the oddly monikered Xoch is just great. Hyper cacthy modern pop that will put you in the mindset of the two I mentioned as well as Roxette and that last disc from Tiffany. As much as I avoid female fronted rock, there are always exceptions...this is certainly one.

My favorite online store, Not Lame, now has a great deal where you can get a Not Lame sampler for $1 when you buy any CD from them. The sampler has some amazing tunes from Jellyfish, The Shazam, Fuzzbubble, Michael Carpenter and more, including Doug Powell's amazing cover of "I Woke Up In Love This Morning" (the Partridge Family).

NP: Not Lame sampler (duh!)

Metallica will release their latest, "St. Anger", on June 10. Early copies will include a live DVD featuring all the tracks on the album.

NP: The Rasmus - Dead Letters - Fantastic new modern pop that is perfect for fans of Taxiride, Invertigo and BB Mak. This one has quite a set of balls though, and is the kind of disc that will easily get stuck in your player for days on end. It's actually a little heavier and darker than their last disc, "Into", yet it's more infectious. While other "nu-breed" tyes seem stuck in a rut, this is quite different than anything else out there right now. Welcome to the big time boys...

Well, here it is...Monday morning and I guess the first "real" update.

The release date for John Eddie's latest album, "Who The Hell Is John Eddie", has been moved up to May 13.

The Who will reissue their classic "Who's Next" album next month with the full remastered treatment, including a bonus live CD from 1971.

Jimmy Barnes and his old band, Cold Chisel, will regroup to perform some shows this summer in Australia.

Look for a best of to be released in Japan for Paul Gilbert titled "Paul The Young Dudes".

The new single from Thunder's "Shooting At The Sun" will be "Loser". It will feature live tracks of "River Of Pain" and "Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor".

NP: Audioslave - Audioslave - Thankfully this is more Soundgarden than Rage Against The Machine and surprisingly, this is VERY melodic and has quite a classic rock feel to it. Chris Cornell wails like a young Robert Plant, and musically there is a Zep feel to a lot of tunes. This thing crackles full of energy and is one of those album you just want to throw in the car and crank it as loud as it goes. 70s and 80s metal fans will find a lot to like here, probably more so than 90s alt-rock fans.